This world’s most popular Dutch based creamy cheese variety is known by its aroma and caramel-like flavour

  • With its springy and soft texture, it tastes great on Melting over Pizza and Sandwiches Black Pepper GOUDA
  • This Indian’s favourite blend of Full Bodied Gouda and Black pepper tastes slightly spicy with its wonderful aroma
  • It pairs best with Cheese toast and also toppings in Omelettes and Sandwiches

EDAM – Soft Cheese

EDAM – Soft Cheese
  • This Dutch based savoury flavoured soft cheese has low fat. The pale yellow interior and the red paraffin wax coating with its creamy textures intensify in taste.

  • It pairs best with rich fruits and also as topping in Low Fat Pizza, Omelettes.

Aged Cheddar – English Hard Cheese

  • This Bold and Hard English cheese is the Best in Class

  • It works well when served with Crackers and Breads. Also as Cheese platters and with fruits, it rules your tongue
Aged Cheddar

Young Cheddar - English Mild Cheese

Young Cheddar
  • This English based cheese is one of our top selling cheese varieties.

  • With its mild cheddar, it works well when grated on Veggies, Sandwiches and Omelettes or when served with crackers, breads and fruits

Veg Parmesan Style – Italian Hard Cheese

  • One of the world class and top selling cheese, originated from Italy has its unique hard texture but with Low fat

  • Works perfect when grated or shaved on pasta, soups and salads. It also works well as Cheese platters and when served after dinner w
Veg Parmesan

Caroselle Montasio Style

Caroselle Montasio Style
  • This Italian based cheese has its own harder texture. Its creamy harmonious, mild flavoured pleasant aroma will be a treat. You Won’t Find this Anywhere Else In India

  • It tastes best when used as Cheese Platters and when served with crackers, breads and fruits

Caroselle Camembert Style

  • The Gorgeous and creamy cheese originated from French is one of the best Cheeses from Caroselle

  • It works well when melted into pasta dishes, especially with mushrooms. It can also be used with mashed potatoes or serve it with fruits after dinner
Caroselle Camembert Style


  • This Greek based salty and delicious soft cheese is made from our Special Cow’s milk and it tastes Extraordinary than your Ordinary Feta!

  • This slightly grain textured cheeses are crumbly aged and are in blocks

  • It tastes best on Salads and with fruits; It can be served cooked or grilled, along with sandwiches or with omelettes
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