Serving and Storage

  • Keep the cheese in conditions in which it matures. Hard, semi-hard and semi-soft cheeses are stored in the temperatures from around 8 to 13 C.
  • Once you open the cheese, remove the film completely and store it again using a new wax/baking paper or even a designated storage container.
  • Refrigerated cheeses should be taken out of the fridge ideally one hour before serving.
  • Cheese contain living organisms therefore require ventilation, so it does not dry out or affect the taste and texture of the cheese.
  • Do not store cheese with other strong-smelling foods as this would affect the natural aroma of the cheese and also may spoil the cheese.
  • It is important to wrap soft cheeses loosely using waxed or grease proof paper instead of a plastic cling film.

i. You can only order minimum of 5 pieces per box or multiples
of 5 such as 5,10,15, etc.