6 Delicious Ways To Eat Cheese

Isn’t it true that we’re all cheese-obsessed these days? There are countless ways to eat cheese and it is easy, tasty, and versatile. The following are 6 delicious ways to enjoy cheese, along with some tips to make your lifestyle a little bit cheesier.

Few slices, with a good balance of protein and fat, are enough to tide you over. It goes without saying that cheese is only better in combination with something else.

Cheese and crackers are a classic combination that never gets old, but sometimes it’s nice to change things up. To go with your favorite cheese, pair it with something sweeter, spicier, or saltier.


Cheese and meat are a protein-rich combination that is never short on flavor. For example, sliced deli meats, cured meats, leftover chicken and steak can taste very good.

Enjoy These Delectable Combinations!

  • Chicken with our Italian hard cheese
  • Deli ham with our cheddar cheese
  • Pepperoni with our plain gouda cheese
  • Chicken breast with our black pepper gouda
  • Steak with our young cheddar

A variety of fresh and dried fruits

The combination of fruit and cheese lends itself to a vast amount of delicious possibilities. Fruits, whether they are fresh or dried, pair well with creamy and rich cheeses.

Check Out These Mouth-watering Combos!

  • Gouda cheese and peaches
  • Aged cheddar cheese and dried dates
  • Apples sliced and Edam cheese
  • Berries and young cheddar cheese


Sliced veggies can be stacked with semi-soft or firm cheese between them, or a layer of creamy cheese can be spread over the top. This creates a healthy meal with added flavour and taste.

Here are some yummy combinations!

  • Sliced cucumbers with our Caroselle Montasio cheese
  • Radishes with our Feta cheese
  • Tomatoes with our edam cheese
  • Greens with our plain gouda

It’s potato time!

There is nothing wrong with butter on your baked potato, sour cream, chives, and bacon bits. But why not throw melted cheese on top as well? As a matter of fact, if we were to choose just one topping for our potatoes, it would be cheese.


A little (or a lot) of cheese added to scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, sunny side up eggs, fried eggs, or omelettes are always tasty choices. For breakfast sandwiches, we usually combine cheese and egg on English muffins, bagels, or biscuits, which can include bacon, ham, and sausage.

Apple Pie

Putting cheese on apple pie had to be included in this list because it’s a favorite for many. I think it would be an amazing idea to add a slice of sharp cheddar to the classic American dessert.

Not only is this practice centuries old, but it even has its own saying: “Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.”

It’s hard to deny that cheese can make nearly anything better, unless you’re lactose intolerant or vegan. Its unique taste and olfactory characteristics make this dairy delicacy something we all love. It is a prominent ingredient in several cuisines and a favorite of most people. 

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