Polenta Squares made with Caroselle’s Artisanal Veg Parmesan

Today we take you through a few interesting Italian cheeses and how they can be used.

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  • 4 cups of stock (chicken or vegetable)

  • 1 cup of yellow corn meal

  • ½ cup of caroselle’s artisanal veg parmesan

  • Chopped chives or mushrooms or black olives

  • Caroselle gouda or low fat edam for toppings


  • Take a pan with the vegetable or chicken stock and add corn meal. Boil it with continuous stirring until the mixture gets thick (like cereal)
  • Now, add parmesan cheese, chives and mushrooms – stir well
  • Pour the polenta mixture into a buttered rectangular pan, it should be 1.5 inches thick and let it cool
  • Cut the rectangle into squares or diamonds and carefully lift it out of the pan, dip each piece into semolina or flour
  • Heat some oil in a frying pan and gently add the polenta squares. Fry the squares to crisp and browny flavour
  • Now, sprinkle some salt and scatter grated caroselle gouda or low-fat edam to the polenta squares and serve as an appetizer or as a first course with vegetables


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