Procurement of Milk

We at Caroselle Cheese procure milk from selected farmers around our factory and the journey of our delicious artisanal cheeses starts here. We also ensure that the cattle in these farms are adapted to the traditional methods of animal husbandry.

Pre processing

Milk procured from those farms are processed using traditional methods, where our skilled team members start their magic to bring out the artisanally made cheeses

Cheese Making

The time of transition from Milk to Cheese starts here, our cheese making experts manually drain the whey from the processed milk and do the salting and moulding process to bring out the awesome taste. We use traditional wooden press to compress and mould the cheeses. 


The moulded cheeses are naturally aged in our wooden cellars in temperature and moisture controlled rooms. Caroselle cheese making experts are strictly against the usage of quick ageing chemicals.

Quality Evaluation

The naturally matured cheeses are now taken out for a Quality evaluation. Our cheese experts start their genuine role of evaluating them to meet the standard of quality and taste. The screened cheeses are then packed for dispatch.

Despatching to THE Market

The awesomely handmade artisanal cheeses are now exclusively ready for dispatch. Based on the market requirements different set of packages are being delivered to our customers through our Dealers and Store networks.

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