Our Artisanal Cheese VARIETIES

Plain Gouda

This world’s most popular Dutch based creamy cheese variety is known for its aroma and caramel-like flavour with its springy and soft texture, it packs an exquisite taste when added to pizzas and sandwiches.

EDAM – Soft Cheese

EDAM – Soft Cheese

This Dutch based savoury flavoured soft cheese has low fat. The pale yellow interior and the red paraffin wax coating with its creamy textures notes intensify in taste as it matures.
It pairs with fruits such as, cherries, peaches and apricots by extenuating lively and fresh tones of its counterparts. Also used as toppings on low fat pizzas.

Aged Cheddar – English Hard Cheese

This bold and hard English cheese is the best in class. It can be paired with fruits, crackers and breads. Most commonly found in all cheese platters. Due to its bold and strong flavour it goes well with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Aged Cheddar

Young Cheddar - English Mild Cheese

Young Cheddar

This is an English based cheese and is also one of our best selling cheeses. Caroselle’s artisanal young cheddar pairs well with veggie or fruit platter and sandwiches (toasties).

Veg Parmesan Style – Italian Hard Cheese

Renowned Italian cheese known for its hard texture and low fat content (fitness friendly). It is usually shaved or grated on to pastas, soups and salads. Considered as a healthier substitute to snack.

Veg Parmesan

Caroselle Montasio Style

Caroselle Montasio Style

Italian cheese famously known for its harder texture and crystal formation during its maturation. It consists of creamy harmonious notes with a mild aroma that is pleasant to your taste buds. It tastes excellent when served with breads, crackers and fruits. This is a rare cheese especially in India and at Caroselle we are extremely proud to have crafted this cheese to perfection.

Caroselle Camembert Style

Creamy cheese originally from France, is one of the top artisanal cheese made by Caroselle. It has a unique mushroom with a subtle braised cabbage undertone. As with most cheeses, the flavour becomes more intense as the
cheese ripens.

Caroselle Camembert Style


Originally from Greece, this is a salty delicious soft cheese that is usually made with sheep or goat milk. At Caroselle we have achieved this using special cow’s milk. Therefore, the taste is more extraordinary than your regular feta. This slightly grain textured cheese are in blocks and traditionally served with salads (Greek salad) or in sandwiches.


The traditional creamy gouda cheese is seasoned with black peppercorns to give an intense spice note along with a complex nutty flavour. It perfectly pairs with fruits, bread and crackers. Also, can be matched with beer, wine or

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