History of Caroselle Cheese


The Family of Caroselle’s Founder, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, immigrated from Italy to the USA in the early 1900’s so she grew up knowing a lot about good European cheeses, especially parmesan (a hard cheese from the province of Parma Italy).Patrizia came to India in 1971 and in 1987 she established “Skambha Estate” in the Palani Hills, 18 Km from Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. Patrizia was gifted with a cow (Deepa), which began the story of Caroselle. 

Caroselle used milk from its own Swati Pant Dairy as well as neighboring farmers. A high priority was placed on hygiene and holistic care of the cows for optimal milk production – no hormones were ever used.

Patrizia believed in the upliftment of people through education and gainful employment. Where there had been only seasonal agricultural employment in the area prior to her arrival, Patrizia provided full-time, year-round livelihood from Caroselle and Skambha. Throughout the years many youth from the nearby villages gained valuable training on bovine care and artisanal cheese making.

The cheeses turned out to be so good that in 1990 Caroselle Dairy Products – the Gourmand’s Cheese – was officially established. At the time, early 1990’s, many Indian people were not familiar with European-style Artisanal cheese, thus Caroselle’s main customers were five star hotels with chefs who knew of and appreciated high quality cheese as well as niche supermarkets with well-traveled, discerning clientele. In 2000 the Caroselle name was registered with the Registrar of Companies and officially branded with this special label.

Many challenges have been overcome to achieve the status of “India’s Own World Class Artisanal Cheese” and Caroselle weathered each storm and emerged stronger and better every time. Along the way, India’s consumers began to travel more and learned of the many delicious types of cheeses made around the world. India also saw the advent of the “Make In India” campaign which put the spotlight on companies such as Caroselle, who proved years before that world class artisanal cheese could be made in India.

Caroselle’s founder passed away in 2016 and in 2018 the company was sold to Skambha Valley Food Products Pvt Ltd to allow Patrizia’s students to focus on archiving her voluminous writings and re-publish her many books. (www.aeoncentre.com)

Skambha Valley guarantees the same high quality Caroselle Cheeses
  • We purchase high quality pure cow’s milk from our village farmers
  • We follow high standards of hygiene at our factory
  • We are very particular about proper aging of cheeses
  • We are committed to upholding the vision that began Caroselle
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